Lavora in GROHE

Con una quota pari a circa l'8% del mercato mondiale, GROHE è il più grande produttore europeo e tra i primi a livello globale nel settore della rubinetteria sanitaria.

In qualità di brand internazionale, GROHE continua a fissare i principali standard di qualità, design e tecnologia del settore idro-termo-sanitario. La società, con Headquarters a Düsseldorf, attualmente impiega oltre 5.000 persone in tutto il mondo, di cui 2.400 in Germania.

    GROHE is one of Germany’s most innovative mid-sized companies 

    GROHE continues to lead the German sanitary sector by stimulating and driving innovation in the industry. The judges at the ‘TOP 100’ innovation awards named the company as a ‘Top Innovator’, impressed by the company’s multi-faceted efforts and its targeted investments in research and development. The judges were particularly impressed with GROHE’s pro-active involvement in the ‘Future Bizz’ network and its future-oriented development work and creative innovations in the design and manufacture of water fittings. In research and development alone, GROHE Germany employees some 130 people, mainly engineers and technicians from a variety of disciplines. For numerous years, these activities have yielded innovative technologies, many of which have had a profound influence on the market.

    Chief Sales Officer Michael Rauterkus said: “We feel that winning a ‘TOP 100’ mark is a prestigious recognition of our shared efforts across the company. Innovation remains a key value driver at GROHE and we want to live up to our responsibility as the market leader by continuing to stimulate our industry through fresh ideas.”

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