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GROHE Sensia® Arena è facile da manutenere?

Si Molto. È più veloce e facile da pulire di un WC tradizionale, grazie al meccanismo di auto-pulizia, il vaso senza brida e la superficie antibatterica AquaClean. Inoltre, richiede pochissimo tempo per la sostituzione del filtro dell'aria.

What material is the Sensia Arena® shower toile’s lid and seat made of?

The seat and lid are made of Duroplast.

How does the Sensia Arena® shower toilet bowl stay clean?

The Sensia Arena® shower toilet uses two different hygiene technologies on its ceramic surfaces. HyperClean is an anti-bacterial glazing which prevents the growth of bacteria. And AquaCeramics is an anti-stick and scaling coating which is repels dirt. You also have the peace of mind that comes with the Triple Flush Vortex.

What does the Sensia Arena® shower toilet’s SIAA certification mean?

The SIAA certificate is a "measurement of antibacterial activity". Only products which have a measurement of antibacterial activity greater than 99.9% can apply to carry the SIAA logo..

Why does the Sensia Arena® shower toilet have two nozzles?

One nozzle is for the Rear Spray, the other is for the Lady Shower. Our competitors’ products mostly rely on one nozzle for both. We believe that from a woman’s point of view having a dedicated Lady Shower is more hygienic.

How do the Sensia Arena® shower toilet nozzles self-clean?

The nozzles self-clean using pure water. When you choose one of the spray functions the automatic nozzle cleaning starts immediately – water comes out of the spray and in doing so rinses the nozzle. After you have finished using the spray, the automatic cleaning programme will run. The nozzle is also made from antibacterial material.

What materials are the Sensia Arena® shower toilet’s nozzles made of?

The nozzles are made of antibacterial plastic.

Can you replace the nozzles on the Sensia Arena® shower toilet?

Yes, the nozzles are replaceable and are listed as spare parts: 14928000 for the Rear Spray; 14929000 for the Lady Shower.


Le persone con problemi di salute possono usare GROHE Sensia® Arena?

Sì, in effetti è particolarmente adatta per le persone con problemi di salute. Offrendo un elevato grado di igiene, aiuta a prevenire le irritazioni cutanee. E per chi soffre di emorroidi, GROHE Sensia® Arena offre una pulizia delicata ed efficace che può effettivamente aiutare ad alleviare il problema.

I bambini possono usare GROHE Sensia® Arena?

Anche i bambini possono utilizzare GROHE Sensia® Arena. Naturalmente bisogna mostrare loro come usarla correttamente, ma una volta imparato come funziona, diventa un modo ideale per promuovere l'igiene all'interno della propria famiglia.

GROHE Sensia® Arena può essere utilizzato anche senza la funzione di igiene intima?

Certo, puoi scegliere di usare GROHE Sensia® Arena anche come un normale WC.

How does the wall-hung Sensia Arena®’s automatic lid and seat opening work?

When the sensor detects you approaching either the lid only or the lid and seat will open automatically. This can be set via the remote control by selecting one of the following: auto open and close lid & seat; or auto open and close lid; or you can turn off the automatic function altogether. Lid and seat opening and closing can also be operated by remote control.

Which of the Sensia Arena® shower toilet’s functions can be activated via the seat control panel?

Rear Spray and Lady Shower can be activated via the seat control panel. You can also adjust the water pressure on both these functions

How do you activate the air dryer on the Sensia Arena® shower toilet?

The air dryer can be activated via the remote control and the smartphone app. You can choose from three air temperature settings.

Can you use both arms at the same time on the Sensia Arena®shower toilet?

No, it's not possible.

How long does the Sensia Arena® shower toilet’s carbon odour-absorption filter last? And who is qualified to replace the filter?

There are two kinds of odour-absorption filter. The air filter is very easy to access and clean. We recommend cleaning it twice a week. The carbon filter lasts for seven years. Only the GROHE after-sales team may replace it because of its long lifespan.


If you have multiple smartphones in your household, how can you be sure that the SENSIA ARENA uses the right personal settings at the right time?

The Sensia Arena® Shower toilet will detect your smartphone and download the personal settings only once the lid is is open. When you are in the bathroom and your smartphone is connected to the Sensia Arena®the other smartphones in the house won’t be able to connect.

What kind of wireless technology does the Sensia Arena® shower toilet use?


How many different smartphones can be used with the Sensia Arena® shower toilet?

The Sensia Arena® shower toilet can connect to a maximum of seven smartphones. When you add an eighth smartphone, the Sensia Arena® will delete the first one. However only one smartphone can connect at a time.

What happens if the remote control falls in water?

In the worst case, it will cease to operate. The remote control is not waterproof.

Installazione & Rapid SL

Where can I find the technical details?

You can download our brochure for all technical details. Or you can also look up our product detail page.

Brochures download

Is the installation complex?

The installation should be carried out by a qualified, professional installer. You can find a specialist installer near you here:

Installation specialist map

Why is the Rapid SL frame number 39128001 not the same as the 39128000? Both are for the Sensia Arena® shower toilet.

The water and electricity line connection placements are different on the 39128001 and 39128000. The 39128001 is suitable for both the Sensia Arena® and IGS® , whereas the 39128000 is only suitable for the Sensia Arena®.

How does the wall-hung Sensia Arena®’s automatic flush work?

Sensia Arena®’s automatic flush function will work only after you fit the automatic flush connection kit number 46944000. The sensor will detect you approaching and run the automatic cleaning programme. You can also set it so that the toilet flushes automatically when you stand up. You can also control the flush via the smartphone app and using the remote control.

What models are compatible with automatic flush kit number 46944000?

You can install the automatic flush kit with all GROHE Rapid SL GD2 cisterns.

What is the minimum height at which the wall-hung Sensia Arena® shower toilet may be fitted? What is the average height?

The height depends on the mounting frame you choose - these have standard placements. The seat height is 445mm based on the average frame.

Does the ceramic toilet bowl fixed into the Sensia Arena® shower toilet from below or above?

From above.

Does the Sensia Arena® shower toilet come with a delivery pipe and all the other parts for connecting it to mains water and electricity?

Yes, the Sensia Arena® shower toilet comes with an electricity cable and connecting socket, T-valve, flexible hose and angle valve. The inlet pipe and discharge pipe are not included as those come with the Rapid SL frame.